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Welcome to our new website and blog!

04 January 2015

We are excited to introduce you to our new website and blog and delighted to share with you our little piece of heaven, right here on Earth! Our blog is all about local seasonal Italian feasts, great recipes, organic kitchen gardening, food festivals, food markets, culinary trips in Tuscany, Umbria and beyond. We hope to give you a glimpse of what is happening at Le Contesse and a taste for bringing it into your own life!

In our blog and website, you can expect to find fresh, healthy, sustainable, innovative recipes, as well as Le Contesse signature dishes. These recipes and dishes will be shared with you along with our passion for nature, gardening, culinary travels and reflections on life in Tuscany.

Our blog will reflect our love for Italian cooking, especially Tuscan cuisine, the emphasis on local produce and ingredients and our pride in being part of the Tuscan tradition.

Italian cooking is a regional cuisine. Each region offers its own delicious and unique dishes that evolved from its own history, location and regional produce. Although each Italian region has its own unique cooking style, all of the regions have two key elements in common: the devotion to high quality ingredients and ease of preparation. Thanks to this elegant simplicity, each flavor shines through. Tuscan food is no exception! It is a farm-to-table kitchen.

Tuscan cuisine is not only famous for its local products but also for its delicious freshly picked seasonal vegetables and fruits and its nutritious and healthy Mediterranean diet. We are grateful to be part of this tradition. At Le Contesse, local and homegrown is a way of life and we are proud of our organic produce. The region’s fertile soil is the perfect source for our “nostrale” (homegrown produce): vegetables, fresh herbs, grapes and orchard fruits. For example, our olive oil is made from hand picked, organic high quality olives, which are pressed in a traditional olive press (frantoio). These are just some of the items that we will emphasize on our website and blog.

As you will see in our blog, we will seek to familiarize and introduce you to the Le Contesse Style.

Traditional Tuscan cooking is usually based on the Italian idea of cucina povera (“poor cuisine”), emphasizing inexpensive and simple meals. These days, more expensive ingredients such as truffles, zucchini flowers, goat cheese and lamb meat are readily available and we often include them in our special dishes. At Le Contesse we respect the local food heritage and love the old simple ancient dishes, yet we also like to give it our own interpretation. We love to adapt special dishes from other regions in Italia and even worldwide!

We hope you will enjoy your journey with us and look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you a happy and tasty New Year!